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VOIP Phone System, Video Surveillance and Access Control

Maximize Your Business's Potential with Our All-in-One VoIP Solution

With our advanced communication solutions, you can easily adapt to changing business needs, seamlessly integrate new features, and scale your system as your business grows.

Video Surveillance

Axtel Consulting has partnered with many reputable video surveillance and access control manufactures worldwide. We give our clients the best fitting solution with responsive support by leveraging our thoroughly vetted portfolio.

Video surveillance and access control are a vital part of the security infrastructure in any business, especially those that have high value assets. They provide you with the ability to monitor your property, employees and customers in real time. At Axtel Consulting, we can show you how video surveillance can help protect your business from crime and improve productivity.

Axtel Consulting helps you to determine what type of video surveillance solution you need. There are many different types available with varying degrees of flexibility and cost involved. Our popular systems allow you to add cameras as they become necessary rather than requiring you to purchase all cameras at once. We have routinely added cameras to a system as the customer expands and grows. 

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